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It is interesting that I can build a website from scratch but not work this editor image

One day I'll sit down and do it I suppose....

Let's see, what is interesting about me? Someone once described me as Dark and Light, opposites and extremes.......he was right. I can be studious and silly, crazier than anyone and saner than everyone, at home on my Harley at a boisterous biker bar but equally at home beside my pond talking to the Geese.

I fix cars and bikes....and fix gourmet meals. I clean up pretty well, but usually choose not to....My most treasured possessions cost nothing but are irreplacable...I like the computer and hate the TV. Some days I have more energy than a five year old...and other days I don't even want to get out of bed, but that has a lot to do with working outside in the cold haha. I have no kids of my own.....but I have a lot of kids.

I like painting and most crafts, from carving soapstone to making candles. If I need something I make it. I also like to fish and collect/prepare wild foods and think this knowledge will, one day, be very important......

My path is Shamanic but I have learned much from Wiccan people and have been known to cast the odd spell. I love the Birds and have learned a lot from them.....I have a big soft spot for the misunderstood ones, Crow and Vulture.

My other hobbies include blocking highways during land claim disputes and taking care of injured birds to release them later. I also love horses and now have an old Standardbred that I am retraining to be a dressage star...OK that's a stretch, she moves like an egg beater, but she will be the best she can be and that's all I ask of her.  I also love riding/training greenies and would rather start from scratch and get a small ribbon at a schooling show than buy a made horse and win everything on the A circuit...I find it so much more rewarding.


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    Hi Migizi.....I'm sending Kudos to you.....Hugs, Elkiyah


    Reply from Migizi:

    Thank You Elkiyah, you made me smile :-) ~M